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Learn Angular 4 from Scratch

  • 1 hour, 58 minutes
  • Sun 11 2020
  • 30 Student Enrolled

Go from zero to hero with this free Angular 4 course!.

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Course: Installing Angular 4 Apps with the CLI
Course: Understand Components
Course: Integrate UI Animations
Course: Create Services
Course: Deploy an Angular App
Course: Style an Angular UI
Course: Understand Data Binding
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Mike Mon 08 2020


This course is fantastic, it covers a wide range of subjects. Would highly reccomend for any web devs.

Derry Y Fri 08 2020


good introduction course for web development. Course cover various of web dev essentials such as html, css, javascript, nodejs, api , routes etc. Great support from the TA.

Rutuja A Wed 08 2020


This course has helped boost my confidence to such a great extent. It made me realize that whether you are building a production level web application or working on any personal project if you know your fundamentals straight and well you can very comfortably develop amazing things. Thanks to Colt who has the most simplified and intuitive way of teaching any concept and the entire TA team for all the help and an amazing learning experience overall!

Thanasis T Wed 08 2020


This tutorial is perfect to get you started with web dev. It is pretty basic but that is more than enough to get you into how things work and help you make your first steps in web dev.

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  • Student Enrolled:26
  • Created:01/11/2020
  • Duration:1 hour, 58 minutes
  • Skill Level:Beginner
  • Language:English
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$ 47.00

Course Features
  • Installing Angular 4 Apps with the CLI
  • Understand Components
  • Integrate UI Animations
  • Create Services
  • Deploy an Angular App
  • Style an Angular UI
  • Understand Data Binding